Wrinkled hands can be solved with Filler.

Wrinkle problems, wrinkled skin does not occur only on the face But it can also happen as a person. As people get older, their bodies produce less collagen every day. The skin around the hand lacks firmness. gradually deteriorated until the hand eventually withered But in this case, the hand often withered with age. taking care of yourself Therefore, in addition to taking care of your face and body as well Don’t let your hands wither. Destroyed by UV rays in sunlight and everyday behavior.

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Causes of wrinkled hands

– No sunscreen, in addition to nourishing the face, hands are also important and should not be ignored.

– With increasing age, the body lacks moisture, loses collagen. Skin elasticity May cause wrinkles and wrinkles.

– Do not apply hand cream direct hand care products Help nourish and add moisture to the skin. should be used regularly

– Chemicals found in cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaner These substances absorb moisture. Because it has the effect of damaging the skin, causing dry hands, some people may even have their hands peeling.

– Spray and alcohol gel Especially during this covid period, we apply very hard. can’t be avoided Because the use of these substances makes our hands dry immediately.

Solve the problem of withered hands

– Hand care with a light hand massage It will help keep the skin of your hands soft. It stimulates collagen in the skin of the hands.

– Apply hand cream, apply immediately after contact with alcohol. Will add moisture to the skin, not dry hands.

– Apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential to prevent dark spots and wrinkles on your hands.

– Hand filling injection (Filler) Hand filling injection is an injection of natural substances into the back of the hand. So that the back of the hand immediately tightened up. Wrinkles disappeared. without surgery

– Hand fat grafting (Fat Stemcell) will help fill the hands to be firm, similar to hand filler injections. It will be liposuction and blend until good fat cells are obtained. and injected into the back of the hand to solve the problem of wrinkled hands

Filler injections solve the problem of wrinkled hands.

Fillers (Hyaluronic acid) are injected into the back of the hand to solve problems with the hands such as dry skin. wrinkles bulging blood vessels The skin on our hands is delicate and we use it almost all the time. and very sensitive to UV light Injecting hand fillers will help firm the skin of your hands. Not dry, pleasant to the touch. This kind of filler helps to add moisture in the layers of our skin that often have problems with deep wrinkles. To come back smooth and beautiful again, the back of the hand will have blood vessels. and a large number of nerves Therefore, choosing to inject with a blunt-tip needle is safer. Before injecting fillers, be sure to choose a clinic that has a specialist doctor and a reliable clinic.

Service process

– The doctor will evaluate and analyze the area where the patient needs filler injection. as well as giving advice on the type of substance, the amount of CC required, and the type of filler that is suitable for the patient.

– Later, the doctor will numb the skin by using local anesthesia. Alternatively, local anesthesia may be used along with the use of ice. If the patient has ever been allergic to anesthetics can notify the doctor or assistant immediately

– When the skin is numb Your doctor will start injecting fillers into the layers of your skin at this stage, depending on your doctor’s technique and expertise.

– After the injection, swelling or bruising may occur. After the injection, it can be effective for a maximum of 1 – 2 years, depending on the type of filler the doctor uses and the patient’s self-care.

The advantages of filler injections

– See results immediately after doing it

– is a pure filler

– No need to recuperate, no scars, less swelling and bruising

– It doesn’t take long to do

– Safe, harmless

– Lasts for 1-2 years depending on the type of filler

– Can be treated in small spots such as the knuckle area

Are hand fillers dangerous?

 not dangerous Because it is a pure filler injection or hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) is a substance that is already in the body. Therefore, it does not cause any harm to the body, but before injecting fillers should check whether the fillers are genuine or fake. Before injecting fillers, don’t forget to choose a clinic that has a specialist doctor, study information, see reviews, and prepare your body. Or make an appointment to consult with a team of doctors specializing in filler injections at Apex. Our clinic has an award-winning guarantee of safety. and is absolutely correct according to international standards

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