What is Stage Lighting?

An event is always a fun experience. All these different types of events are held for different purposes. However, if we ask you what is the most enjoyable event, then your answer would undoubtedly be ‘concert’. A concert is never a dull moment. The music, dancing, noise, pushing, jumping, and finally the lights: all these collectively create a fun moment for everyone. Regardless of the size of the concert, or the type of your audience, the perfect combination of stage lighting and lighting effects has the potential to push that power button and set the tone for fun-filled enthusiasm. Whether you want to evoke happiness in your audience or get them excited, stage lighting is the way to go. In this article, we will explore what stage lighting is, the different benefits of using stage lighting in live concerts, and more.

What exactly is stage lighting?

As the name suggests, stage lighting is the type of lighting that is used to light up a stage. This is considered more than lights since it is a powerful element of bringing a concert to life. Lights are always a way of increasing attention and are used to highlight the people, the backdrop, the performers, the props, etc. It is a scientific fact that lights can communicate emotions through colors, texture, and the amount of light. This is the main reason why the audience always gets excited when beautiful beams of lights are set up during the performance.

Four main functions of stage lightings

Stage lighting simply provides more than just light. The four main functions of using stage lighting are visibility, composition, motivation, and mood. Firstly, lights bring visibility to stage darkness and direction for the audience for where to look and direct their attention at each performance’s pinnacle. The second function which is composition refers to the alignment of the lighting with the background and important props to make everything visible to the audience. Motivation means the attempt of using lights to bring a natural setting to the stage environment. Mood is the final function and it refers to the ability of lights to change the mood of the audience using colors.

Types of stage lighting

LED lighting

This is the most energy-efficient stage lighting option. The light does not create heat creating a comfortable atmosphere for the on-stage performers.

Automated lighting

This is a type of flexible lighting that is a good economical alternative to stationary lighting. This type of lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Conventional fixtures and spotlights

This has only one lighting fixture: illumination. This is a better option when there is only one performer on stage.

Equipment you will need to fix stage lighting for concert

Decor lighting
Mixing console
The atmosphere and special effects (confetti, fog machines)
Strobe lights

Positions of stage lightings

Stage lighting positions are decided by professional lighting designers if you go for a lighting rental company. If not, you will need to hire a lighting designer who will examine the stage’s shape, size, audience space, and event objectives to ensure that the lighting is placed in the most appropriate positions. However, there are five main basic stage lighting positions that are covered during an event performance. They are:

Front lights – Primary lighting of the stage
Side lights – Lights that are used to highlight the sides of the stage and performers
Backlights – Lights that are used to create depth and separate the backdrop from the performer.
High side lights – Shine the light on top of the stage and performers’ heads so their face is more visible.
Downlights – Shine the light on the staging ground and wash the stage with soft light.

Benefits of using concert lighting rental

Concert planning is a hostile job. Stage lightings are expensive if you are going to buy them firsthand. With this said, it is always a good idea to go for a concert lighting rental that can free you from some of the hassles of arranging these state-of-the-art gadgets. Some of the most important benefits of getting lights from a rental service for your next concert include:


You can simply tell the lighting rental company what type of lighting effects, colors, and equipment you need and they will set it up for you. These companies also have a large inventory of new technology lighting equipment that can bring out the concert vibe.


As mentioned before, a concert lighting rental is your way to cut the price of buying a new lighting system. Hence, you do not have to pay for any overhead costs, maintenance and repair costs, or storage costs if you are using a rental company. You will only have to pay for the equipment and for the amount of time you will be using them.

Increase the aesthetic

Immersive lighting is an enthusiasm trigger. High-quality lighting can be expensive, but if you go with a rental company, you can get the highest quality lighting that can enhance the event’s feeling and aesthetic experience. This is what expressive entertainment is all about.

Lighting technicians

A rental service always comes with a well-experienced crew. The technicians already know how to use and handle the equipment. This avoids you worrying about hiring an external technician to do it on the day of the concert.

To sum up

Lights are essential to liven up an event. If you are looking for a concert lighting rental service in Singapore, always check online for customer reviews and the services provided by each service provider. Make sure that you check for reliability, flexibility, and the quality of the equipment you will receive from the rental company before renting the lights. You can make your next concert a great success and a fun experience for everyone with lights as the center of attention.

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