What are Circular Connectors and How Shells are Used in them?

What are circular connectors?

A circular-shaped connector with a multi-pin male plug and a female receptacle used to transmit signal is called a circular connector. The major work of a connector is to power electrical devices and transmit signals among them by mating male plug and female receptacle with corresponding sockets.

When the applications are used in harsh environmental conditions, durability and safety become the major priority as one mistake can lead to a huge blunder and can affect so many people who are associated with it. The connectors are designed with high proficiency so that when they are used with such applications, they deliver both data and power efficiently and reliably.

It is the responsibility of the MG connector manufacturers to check the reliability of the circular connector twice or thrice so that they become capable enough to transmit critical electrical signals and powers to gigantic machines working in harsh environment situations like a submarine under high water pressure, a fighter jet, or an aircraft flying under high air pressure, or the astronauts traveling in their space ship, etc. without causing any failure or casualty.

Those who work with heavy machinery are very well aware of the importance of circular connectors and many of them believe that they work as the nerves and blood vessels of any machine that are used to deliver heavy strength to it. The applications like trucks and trains, wind turbines, marine vessels, etc. when working under extreme environmental conditions rely on the technology that works on “fit” and “forget” principles so when they perform under high water pressure, extreme vibrations, unbearable heat, extreme low temperature, etc. no failures occur.

The connectors are also used in making huge machines that are used in factories and other industries that work on land and do not work under any extreme environmental situations. They supply electrical signals and power to such machines that are simply used to produce food, power, data, and other products that are essential for us and we desperately need them to make our life much easier. But have you ever given a thought to what are these connectors made of? Let us know about it in more detail.

Understand More About Shells Used in Circular Connectors

As we have already discussed above, circular connectors are comprised of two circular parts – a multi-pin male plug and a multi-socket female receptacle. Every multi-pin male plug is covered with a protected shield called “Shell” which is either made of plastic or metal material used to cover an insulating insert which is used to angle electrical contacts or pins. These pins are used to mate with the corresponding female receptacle sockets to create a connection. The shell of the size depends on the size of the contacts and usually, it is available from the nano miniature circular shells to 50 mm in diameter or more. The size of these shells increases with the requirement of the size of contacts when used to produce more power or electrical signals. Similarly, the shell size decreases as per the requirements.

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