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The Different Types of Research

There are several types of research. The first type is called descriptive research, and it is focused on developing new knowledge about a given subject. In this kind of research, a single variable is studied. The purpose of this type of study is to describe, explain, and validate the findings. The second type is called explanatory research, and its goal is to understand the impact of changes in standard procedures. This method is generally conducted through running experiments.

Collecting data and analyzing results

While both types of research have a similar purpose of improving society, the purpose of research differs between them. It involves collecting data, analyzing results, and drawing conclusions and applying the results into real-world applications. Ultimately, the purpose of research is to gain new knowledge that will benefit society. This may be in the form of a new concept or an improved understanding of a subject. If this information is useful to others, then the research will be considered a success.


The first type of research is descriptive. This type involves defining a problem and formulating a research plan. This plan is directed toward hypothesis construction and hypothesis testing. The final report should state the outcome in explicit terms and include an explanation of the significance of the findings. It also must relate to previous work that is similar to the subject of the study. The goal of conducting research is to advance knowledge in a particular field. This field of study has many different fields, from academia to industry and nonprofit organizations.

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