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Scuba Diving in Egypt

If you are an experienced scuba diver, you should definitely consider a trip to the Red Sea. This is one of the seven wonders of the underwater world, with over 1,100 species of fish, over 1,000 species of invertebrates, and 200 species of soft coral. In fact, 20% of these species are endemic to the Red Sea, making it an ideal place to go scuba diving.


Egypt offers fantastic diving conditions all year round, and prices for liveaboard diving trips vary considerably. Some trips cost as much as EUR1,200, while others are priced between EUR700 and 750. Nevertheless, the best value for money is to take the 7D/7N liveaboard cruise, which averages around EUR100/person per day. The trip includes full-board accommodation, scuba diving, and other activities.

Affordable ways

Scuba diving in Egypt is one of the most affordable ways to explore the Red Sea. While prices are higher than elsewhere, the quality is unbeatable. There are many places to dive in Egypt, and the liveaboards are often run by local operators. In addition, they are much cheaper than competing operators. The main difference between a liveaboard and an ordinary liveaboard is that the former has local staff and is therefore more cost-effective.


Egypt has a number of advantages, including the safety of diving in the Red Sea. The air temperature is always warm enough for safe dives, but the water is still colder than most other destinations in the world. As long as you are not afraid of water, the Red Sea is a great place to enjoy your liveaboard diving holiday. Whether you choose a cruise with a liveaboard, you’ll be safe and comfortable.

Red Sea

The Red Sea has great scuba diving conditions throughout the year. However, the air temperature varies wildly, so it is important to research the weather and the season before your trip. Typically, the water temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius, but it varies between two and twenty-four degrees at any time of the year. The coldest month is February, with the average temperature being around 25 degrees.

Prices of liveaboards

The prices of liveaboards in the Red Sea are reasonable. They are cheaper than other destinations and are less expensive than competing liveaboard operators. In fact, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by avoiding these types of trips, which have high fuel costs. They are also more comfortable to dive during the hotter months, so you’ll find that scuba diving in Egypt is a wonderful activity, and the best part is that it’s available to everyone.


The Red Sea is the perfect place for scuba divers. The area has many world-famous dive sites, including the Ras Mohammed National Park and the Straits of Tiran. You can also dive on wrecks. You can choose a liveaboard from a number of different cities. You’ll be able to find the perfect one based on the price. It’s important to compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your trip.

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