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Rift Valley Fever

The virus responsible for Rift Valley fever is endemic in many sub-Saharan countries. Its geographic distribution is not fixed and may spread from one country to another within a few years. There have been outbreaks in Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, and some Indian Ocean Islands. This disease can be treated with standard over-the-counter medications. Drugs that may harm the kidney should be avoided. The symptoms of the disease are often severe, but they can be controlled.

Reason of Rift valley fever

Despite this, Rift Valley fever has no specific cure. It is transmitted by mosquitoes, which carry the virus through the air. The Aides mosquito is the most common amplifying host. Ticks, midges, and other amplifying hosts are also important carriers. Humans can also become infected through aerosols or direct contact with infected tissues during parturition. While asymptomatic infection is rare in native cattle, it may manifest itself in newborn lambs as soon as 12 hours.

Bad effect of fever

In the majority of cases, the virus causes mild to moderate illness. Uncomplicated infections are characterized by fever, dizziness, general weakness, and a weakened immune system. Some people may experience photophobia and myalgia. In rare cases, a patient can develop hemorrhagic fever. Hemorrhagic fever is the most serious form of the disease and may even cause death.

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