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Malnutrition – Causes and Symptoms

There are many causes of malnutrition. People with digestive issues, low muscle strength, or inability to prepare food may be at higher risk. Excessive alcohol intake can also make people more susceptible to malnutrition. Physical and social problems can also lead to poor nutrition. These conditions are often accompanied by ageing. For this reason, it is especially important to seek the advice of a healthcare professional if you suspect that you are suffering from malnutrition.

Ways to diagnose

There are many ways to diagnose malnutrition. The most common is by determining the cause. For example, a malnourished child’s weight may be underweight. Underweight or stunted children are at risk for permanent developmental issues. In severe cases, the child may even die from lack of nutrients. Another type of undernutrition is known as starvation. Signs of moderate acute malnutrition can include swollen legs and abdomen, frequent colds, and severe anemia. Click here the website cinebloom you can find out the lots of information 1mut

Absorbing nutrients

Mental health problems can also contribute to malnutrition. Some of these disorders lead to poor food intake. Elderly people, in particular, may experience mobility problems, which prevent them from buying food or preparing it. Additionally, inadequate digestion of food can prevent the body from absorbing nutrients. In addition, a child who is underweight has a lower chance of reaching the final grade. This is why malnutrition is so important. Once recognized, it can be treated quickly and effectively.

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