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How to Soften Your Cuticles

The easiest way to soften your cuticles is to soak them in a warm lemon water solution. You can also use a healing oil like Jojoba or Sesame Seed Oil to moisturize them and keep them soft. Lavender essential oil is also a great addition to a cuticle treatment. The trick is to massage the oil gently and avoid rubbing too hard, which can irritate your skin.

Argan oil is usually used to moisturize the hair and nails, but it also has benefits for the skin and nails. It is non-greasy and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E can be purchased at any drugstore. Cocoa butter is an effective emollient and prevents ulceration. It will protect your cuticles from the sun’s UV rays and also reduce scarring. However, don’t use too much.

Apple cider vinegar has numerous benefits, including softening the skin around your nails and cuticles. It can also soothe scalp problems and remove rough spots. You can dilute it with water and soak your cuticles in it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, you can apply a moisturizer to soften your cuticles and get them looking and feeling their best. Soak your fingers in this natural solution for 15 minutes and then rinse them off.

Lemon juice can be used as a natural cuticle softener. You can also buy a cuticle oil pen or apply it directly to the nail bed. Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer and can be used to soften your nails before going out for the day. Once a week, it is an excellent way to soften your hands. It’s also effective in treating dry, cracked, and peeling cuticles.

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