How to boost your business for 2023

In 21th century almost everything becomes digital. Being popular on online platforms is a huge advantage for companies. In 2023 videos  will become the most preferable form of getting information. Since short sized videos are very popular, Twitch is growing rapidly. Twitch also can be used as a tool to popularize products online. So, consider getting Twitch followers made easy in 2022 for you.

If you use the same techniques and the same strategies as your competitors, it is the one with the most marketing budget, the best product… which will overtake the others.

This is why it is essential to position yourself differently than your competitors, both in terms of discourse, graphic charter, business specialization, etc.

The smaller you are, the more you have to work on your branding / brand strategy (its graphic charter, its messages, etc.) and its positioning in order to create a different perceived image.

The simplest definition of branding (or brand strategy) is “What prospects and customers think of you after reading your texts or attending a presentation”. 

Your positioning is the way in which you respond to a specific need in a sector of activity or a specialty (it is therefore not necessary to offer the best product at the cheapest possible price, but to provide maximum added value for a given target and with an acceptable price).

For example, we must dare to affirm 

  • “I am the contact center specialist in the insurance sector” and not “I am a publisher of a contact center solution”
  • “I help you create a WoW effect during your omnichannel customer interactions” and not “I am an omnichannel contact center solution editor”

You have to dare to be divisive and segmenting to both seduce your target, but also not waste time with off-target prospects.

But it’s not diffusing, you also have to be visible to your target in order to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Indeed, it is useless to have an original positioning, a strong brand, innovative products… if your prospects do not know it.

Hence the importance of using Growth Hacking techniques to outperform competitors.

A Growth Hacking strategy is distinguished by 2 philosophies:

  • Growth , in order to analyze and optimize the sales cycle.
  • Hacking , with strategies to boost its growth in the short and medium term.

The Hacking part consists of setting up tricks to exploit sources of growth , whether through software, outsourcing, etc.

It is a 4-step process, which begins with the identification of a potential to be exploited.

The “Growth” part of Growth Hacking consists of optimizing part of the sales cycle , in order to identify where to act first to improve the performance of the company (eg: improve conversion, increase the margin, etc.).

To make a rational analysis of the sales cycle, Growth Hacking recommends using an analysis framework, the “AARRR Framework” which allows the sales cycle to be segmented into 5 main parts:

he basics of the method are as follows:

  • List the most relevant ideas (by listing all his ideas in an ideas tank).
  • Score for the most relevant ideas to identify the best ones to implement as a priority according to criteria of cost, impact and desire to carry out the action.
  • Detail the objectives to be achieved in order to define the before / after.
  • Carry out a mini-business plan to validate that its objectives are achievable.
  • Analyze the results of your experiment.
  • Optimize the existing idea or find a new optimization idea

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