Get to Know Hemp New Economic Crops That Should Be Studied

Previously, hemp was used in various fields such as education, medicine, applications or value-adding at the household and industrial level. or planting and selling seeds Agencies or individuals interested in growing or importing hemp must first obtain permission from the Food and Drug Administration or the Ministry of Public Health. Moreover, some restrictions on the use of hemp should be prudent. Otherwise, it may be contrary to the law. This article will help create a better understanding of the change in the use of hemp for everyone.

Spread information about cannabis before actually using it.

Speaking of hemp, many people will remember switching to marijuana. But Both plants are from the same family. There will be some differences, such as the height of the trunk. Leaf colour and size Characteristics of segments and bark, including the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (Tetrahydrocannabinol: THC) with the psychedelic effect. Happy or drunk and risk of addiction Hemp has a lower THC content than marijuana. And cannabidiol (Cannabidiol: CBD shop) does not have the psychedelic and medical benefits found in hemp. As you know, Thailand defines cannabis as a Category 5 drug, similar to marijuana. Even if it becomes a cash crop, it does not mean that The agency or licensee can freely use all parts of this plant for various purposes, as only some of them are exempt from being a drug. And can be used without breaking the law. This covers only hemp that is allowed to be grown or produced in the country, including:

  • Leaves without tops or with inflorescences attached to them.
  • branches, stems, bark, roots, fibres
  • Extracts containing CBD shop and extracts containing no more than 0.2% THC by weight
  • Hemp seeds, hemp oil and extracts

In the case of cannabis imported without being classified as a narcotic, it means dry bark, dry stem core and dry fibres only. Other than this, it will be considered drugs. Which requires permission to import correctly and strictly comply with the drug laws

However, using hemp as a narcotic and planting, selling, importing or exporting hemp without proper permission from the Ministry of Public Health is liable to a fine of not more than 1,500,000 baht and a maximum jail term of 15 years.

Hemp benefits

Hemp is mainly used in the garment and textile manufacturing industries due to the high quality of hemp-derived fibres. And has also been developed into a medicine, Food or processed into a variety of products such as protein and hemp oil, paper, and herbal products—Thai traditional medicine recipes, animal feed, cosmetics, plastics, insulation, etc.

In addition, various parts of hemp are used for health benefits. Because it is believed This plant may help reduce the risk of heart disease and relieve premenstrual symptoms. It helps in the functioning of the digestive system and alleviates skin inflammation. It is necessary to wait for the research results in each field to be clear before using them in practice. To increase the body’s safety and reduce the risk as much as possible, especially in children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with congenital diseases.

Finally, even pushing hemp as a cash crop can add value. Expand new knowledge and continue to develop in many areas, but if the lack of proper and appropriate implementation, such benefits will not occur, so those interested should study. Follow the news and strictly follow the rules for planting, importing and using hemp, and open a CBD shop.

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