Disaster You Missed: 6 Mistakes When Dealing With Warming Newsletters

Warming newsletters are very effective. But for mailing lists to really have the enormous effect you are expecting, you have to be careful and competent when working with them. It’s essential for any business from a popular online real money casino to a small store that wants to gain a new audience. Let’s analyze the main problems and mistakes when working with and preparing automatic warming up mailing lists.

Too Many “I’s”

This error applies to copywriting. Often newsletter writers can’t get over their sense of grandeur. The mailing turns into a continuous digest of praise about the company’s successes and achievements, awards and titles. Understand that your potential customers are really interested in you only when you can help them in something. So don’t write about yourself, write about what you can help a client, talk about your clients and how they have changed with your help.


Trying to turn a newsletter into a Christmas tree and apply all the possible functionalities to the design of the letters. What didn’t we see – a set of gifs, and photo shoots of the owners, about color highlighting and endless play with fonts it’s better not to mention. Besides the fact that these letters turn into unreadable trash, they lose one very important quality – the personal appeal to the reader.

Irrelevant Content

It happens when the authors don’t understand their audience and their product, and they send them totally irrelevant content. The customer may have no idea what you’re writing about when they receive instructions on how to use your product. You need to be clear about where your potential customer is in their decision-making process and which of the barriers each of your emails is designed to overcome.

Overloaded With Links and Messages

Make sure your emails contain no more than one or two key messages, message overload will have a negative impact. If you desperately need to convey several ideas, break the email into several smaller ones, even if the next one after the first one is sent an hour later. It is important that the client isn’t confused about what you want to say and what you expect from him. Don’t arrange a quest. With this mistake also go to an abundance of links – too many of them negatively affects the perception of your emails, and you risk getting into spam – and thus, losing a potential customer forever.

You Sell a Lot and Explicitly

Sure, your autostore mailings are designed to sell, but customers, oddly enough, won’t like it. So you shouldn’t be selling in your warming newsletter, as paradoxical as that may sound. Give the customer the benefit first, help solve their problems, and then sell.

No Clear Call to Action

This mistake is the opposite of the previous one. There are mailing lists, which do nothing else but send commercial offers, and there are the opposite – those which give extremely useful and necessary content, but their authors, in their enthusiasm, completely forget about the commercial component of their brainchild. Make letters with specific offers to your customers at the end of your automated mailing chains, tell them what you expect from them.

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