Commercial Vs Residential Buildings: Knowing The Differences

Commercial buildings are meant to gain profit. They’re created to give more gain to the owner of the building. Examples of this are industrial facilities, office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and business establishments.

Commercial buildings are also built to conduct activities other than the purpose of living. They are much more costly in nature. The tenure for commercial buildings is usually at a minimum of a one-year contract.

If you are referring to a building that’s only meant to be a place to live in, then you’d be talking about residential buildings. They are properties built solely for living purposes only with much lesser cost. These include apartments, flats, and houses.

Difference Between Commercial And Residential Buildings

There are smaller differences between the two. Some talk about the building materials, funding, permits, and how much time it takes to complete a whole construction.

Is this something that interests you? Then, you are reading on the right page. Below you will see the detailed difference between commercial buildings and residential buildings. Let’s start off with the benefits of investing in them.

Benefits Of Commercial Buildings

Real estate has been booming. It’s one of the most reliable businesses there is. Take advantage of investing in commercial buildings.

Deciding on either going for a commercial or residential building alone takes time. It’s not an overnight project for you to choose suddenly. Learn more first about the benefits listed here before deciding.

Better ROI

Taking risks is required when you have a business. A commercial building business potentially gives you a higher ROI compared to a residential building. You can actually hear locals saying “it must cost millions since it’s in a well-situated location”.

Commercial building owners can definitely demand higher rates especially if they’re located in the city proper. Anyone who wants to rent in a perfect spot is willing to pay even if the price is much higher.

Another advantage is you won’t be stressed about the facilities like beny electric to include in your building. Simple and necessary ones are enough, unlike residential buildings. In that way, you can save on the maintenance cost.

Qualified Tenants

Every business owner can dream of being perpetual. For commercial buildings to last long, they must be properly taken care of. Not all tenants understand that basic rule.

It’s also hard to look for the right tenants. Luckily, the tenants for commercial buildings are big business owners who can really afford both the rent and how to take care of it. Isn’t this making your life easier?

Triple Net Lease (NNN)

Triple Net Lease is a technical term. It refers to an agreement between the building owner and the tenant whereby the tenant is responsible for paying the ongoing expenses of the property.

Aside from the utilities, like the industrial globe valve, and the rent itself, the expenses include taxes, maintenance cost, and insurance.

This is way costly. But, who would agree to pay all these? Given that your space is very attractive and situated in a crowded location, world-class businesses like McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Walmart would be willing to save their faces and grab your spot.

Benefits Of Residential Buildings

Single and family types of buildings fall under residential buildings. Examples are apartments, flats, and duplexes. Hotels fall under commercial buildings.

If you’re passionate about giving roofs to families, you can go with investing in residential buildings. This time you will read about the benefits of putting up or pursuing residential buildings. Don’t worry if you’re still a beginner because they give only a few complications.

Lower Cost

Starting up your own residential building, you will only need a few budgets to come up with. It’s easier to enter this type of business. You can start with buying items like destructible vinyl labels for your building.

Since leasing a residential building costs a little lower than a commercial building, you will also receive fewer complications in maintaining it. You need not worry about big facilities being damaged. Crush it out from your stress list as a building owner.

If you’re interested in growing your investment, you can proceed with a commercial building. You have to collect from your present residential building first. Save up a good amount of capital for future endeavors.

Less Tenant Turnover

Residential building tenants do not just transfer from one real estate to another. They are the type of customers that wants long-term contracts. Agreements usually last for a minimum of one year.

Commercial building tenants have the tendency to grow. Then have to move to other places that they think are more strategic. This doesn’t happen all the time but it’s a possibility.

Nice thought about having a long-term residential building tenant is they would take care of the place as if their own. Who wouldn’t love the sound of that?  Since they want to last longer in the area and are tired to look for a new one, it’s a guarantee they’d fall in love with the place.

Lenient Agreements

The residential building business is not just lenient with regard to agreements or laws. They are less hassle to handle than commercial buildings. Things are way less complex here.


Commercial buildings and residential buildings are both good types of real estate businesses that prospered for years. For as long as you know how to maintain them, they’ll last perpetually like the aged buildings you can see.

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