China as The World’s Factory – What Makes It the Best Production House

The manufacturers are located all around the globe, but it is always a challenge for them to make the products for low costs, without having to compromise on the quality. This is where the Chinese production sector is of great help to the world, as the labour cost and the cost of the raw materials are comparatively cheaper than the other places.

If you look at the labels of the products, you will notice that the maximum products in the market have the tag with the wordings “Made in China”. This is because of the popularity of the Chinese production sector in the world. Apart from the cheap labour supply and the availability of top-quality raw materials, China has many things to offer the world.

Chinese industrial ecosystem runs far deeper than in any other country, and this factor has made it necessary for many companies to get their products made in China. Their lack of regulatory compliance, competitive currency practices, and low duties and taxes are some of the other contributing factors in this case.

Products that are Made in China 

Here are some of the many products that are manufactured in the Chinese production houses.

  • Travelling and outdoor products
  • Fashion and clothing accessories
  • Pet supplies
  • Gadgets and tech accessories
  • Toys for children
  • Cosmetics and makeup products
  • Computers, phones, and other such office requirements
  • Stationeries
  • Food and agriculture requirements
  • Cases and luggage
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Machinery

Why China 

Many reasons are contributing factors when it comes to understanding why the production sector from around the globe prefers China as their manufacturing hub. Some are listed below.

  • Lower wages 

China is a country with more than 1.5 billion populations. This factor has made it stand in the top position in the list of the most populous countries in the whole world. The overpopulation has made it possible for the production house to get enough supply of labours for the manufacturing of the products made in China

A higher population makes the demand for labour higher in the China industrial sector, which in turn leads to the availability of the right working people for low wages. These labours will be even flexible to work on any shifts.

  • Strong Business Ecosystem 

Isolated companies or other such business sectors will not get the required popularity in the world of businesses. The companies that work in alliance with many other businesses and also have the right network in the world will successfully survive in any kind of competitive world. Chinese companies follow this rule in the business.

The Chinese companies have a network with the best distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, government agencies, customers, and everything else that is required for a business to successfully flourish in the country. All these factors have contributed to the growth of the Chinese business ecosystems for the past few decades.

  • Lower compliance 

Some of the rules and basic guidelines are made for the businesses to follow and also to act accordingly. Such guidelines and rules include the child labour act, safety and health norms in the working space, involuntary labour options, wage laws, offering a safe environment while working for the employees, and so on.

Chinese factories are known to have lower compliance with such business rules and guidelines as set by the business laws. When you look at the history of Chinese businesses, you will notice that the products made in China are the fruits of the labours that are working for more hours with lower wages.

  • Duties and Taxes 

The competitiveness of the products that are made in China is boosted by the production sectors by sectors by many methods. One such method is the abolishment of double taxation on all the goods that are exported from the Chinese production hub. The VAT on the exported goods is set to 0%. The exemption was even extended to imported goods also in China.

With no export and import taxes, the entrepreneurs started focusing on the Chinese business policies, and have started showing their interest in the low-cost goods that are manufactured here.

  • Tariffs between China and the US 

The idea of easing tariffs between the Chinese and US goods is still in the terms of discussions between both the Presidents of these countries. Since the Chinese products are in great demand and so is their production hub, the US government is leaning towards exempting some percentage of the tariffs for the products made in China.

  • Currency 

China is following the idea of keeping a check justprintcard on the value of the yuan, by selling yuan and buying dollars. The Chinese banks are planning to lower the value of the yuan per dollar and this idea is going on since 2017. The current hitting rate of CNY against USD is 6.5.

Pros and Cons of choosing Chinese Manufacturing Hub 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of choosing the Chinese manufacturing sector.


  • Lower cost for the productions
  • Higher chances of the expansion in the production market
  • Maximum output in lesser time duration
  • Lower production wages


  • Difficulties or barriers in language and communication
  • Control in the production quality
  • Infringements of the intellectual properties
  • High chances of Minimum Order Quantity or also known as MOQ
  • Stigma in the universe about the “China-made products”

Finding the Manufacturers in China 

If you are willing to go for the Chinese production option, then here are some options for you.

  • Made in China 

This is the website for contacting the Chinese production sectors in the country. You can check this webpage by filtering your needs accordingly.

  • Alibaba 

This is an international business-to-business platform. This platform helps the manufacturers to connect with the right destination for their requirements.

  • Global Sources 

This website is the best competitor for many such Slbux destinations that offer a list of the production sector in China. You can find the right source to get your products made in China by visiting this webpage.

Sourcing companies are the helping destinations for manufacturers around the globe. They will be the middlemen for the businesses that are willing to make an acquaintance with the Chinese production sector.

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